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Lighthouse Financial—Instruments Of Financial Management


Financial and wealth management are very important aspects of planning. Most people prefer their financial status to be more secure by the time they retire. Hence, they approach trained and well experienced people like Kenneth Brackett to seek their advice and find their guidance in creating a perfect financial portfolio. Lighthouse Financial suggests several strategies and instruments to plan and organize finances:


  • No Loss Indexing—Equity linked index annuities have a no loss provision. This provision ensures that the investments do not lose money even in case of an economic slump. This is done by getting backing for the contracts from huge multinationals. They ensure that the investor do not lose money from the contract. The principle amount remains intact.
  •  Stock Rotation— Another strategy used by Lighthouse Financial is active stock rotation. Here, a basket of 20 or so stocks is used for each client and the investments rotated among them as in such a manner to stay consistent with that stock baskets objective – whether it is Value, Income, Momentum or Growth, or a combination of the above.
  • Covered CallsKen Brackett and Lighthouse Financial suggest covered calls with dividend stocks as a strategy for wealth management. In this case, instead of selling the actual stock a call is sold. This means that the stock will be put up for sale on a particular date quoting a premium price. If the actual price of the stock goes higher than the quoted price, the call is usually made and the stock is sold. The seller still makes a premium.
  • US Earnings Value—This is one of the strategies suggested by Ken Brackett for those people who are on the lookout for stocks that have low price to reported earnings ratio. It is a strategy, which uses a mixture of stocks.


These are only a few of the many strategies suggested by Lighthouse Financial for better investment. Their expert team sits with the client to do an initial diagnostics of the financial situation, saving and investments. Based on their findings and what the client wants for their future—for instance a chunky retirement fund, college fund for kids, home in a lovely location, world tour, etc.—the portfolio for the investment is charted out. Many of the investments are carried out by the firm itself and in some others advice is given to the client. The advisor closely monitors the funds and ensures that the client is well satisfied. If changes are required in investments after a while due to some unforeseen financial crisis, the client is advised accordingly.


More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of wealth management and looking out for experts to help them. With the internet and most good firms having webpages, finding such experts is not too difficult. Firms like Lighthouse Financial are at the forefront of such companies and provide their clients with remarkable strategies to manage their wealth.